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Your blood counts

Our vision in LiteBC is Transforming the Complete Blood Count (CBC) into a Simple and Abundant test, akin to blood pressure and body temperature.

We wish to evolve the CBC into a Continuous Measurement, with a rich diagnosis basis. Allow for early detection of disease.


Bringing live images of all blood cells

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Our technology enables monitoring the blood cells in vivo - within the body - as the blood cells flow in the blood vessels.
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Our technology enables a non-invasive measurement, in which an optical probe is placed on the patient's lip, and within a few tens of seconds the vital parameters of the blood count are analyzed and sent into the console.

The technology is based on advanced imaging of the blood vessles, where multiple imaging channels are utilized in order to overcome the shadowing scattering from the epidermis. The imaging optics is concentrated on the optical probe, from which the information is sent into the console, where the light is analyzed and processed. Various blood parameters such as white blood cells (WBC), red blood cells (RBC), differential count of white blood cells (WBC DIFF), relative volume of red blood cells in the plasma (HCT), Hemglobin (HGB) and more. The various parameters are shown on the console screen, along with the accumulating precision of the test, in real time.


Relevance of the HemoScope to the COVID-19 virus

Due to the rapid rise of the COVID-19 virus, it becomes apparent that more intelligent tests should be made. If no advanded screening is perfomed before deciding whether to perform a test on an individual, the nubmer of COVID-19 tests will be dramatically under the demand.

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To the left, a graph from MAFAT (Israeli Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure) showing that the increase of positive corona infected is linear with the increase in the number of tests performed. This is an indication that the number of tests is lower than the required capacity.

Many recent papers on the COVID-19 virus [e.g. 1 , 2 , 3] are indicating a strong correlation between various blood parameters (white blood cells, Lymphcites concentration, Neturophiles concentration) to a positive infection. Using LiteBC technology it will be possible to predict the probability of infection, and perform COVID-19 test only on individuals with high infection probability

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