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Enable blood testing anywhere and anytime. Providing continuous health data to support preventative and personalized medicine.


Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies to develop hematology analyzers for the 21st century.

The Product

The HemoScope will enable immediate, non-invasive, repeatable and safe hematology analysis both in traditional and non-traditional clinical settings (point-of-care)

Our Tech

LiteBC’s proprietary patented Deep Spectral Vision (DSV) technology is based on 10 years of research from the Technion Institute of Technology. DSV technology captures live imaging of the blood in-vivo (as it flows in our body) enabling our ML algorithms to quantify the various required parameters.

The Team

PhD in Physics (non-linear optics), vast experience in leading R&D and management in startups and corporates, and in physics/biomedical science at Technion Israeli institute.

Dr Or Peleg

CEO & Co-founder

MSC in Exact Science (Physics & Chemistry), he worked as Physicist and Optics Engineer for VIBE, KLA-Tencor, RealView Imaging and Technion.

Mr Barry Loevsky

VP R&D & Co-founder

MBA in healthcare innovation and MEng in Mechanical Engineering, he has 14+ years’ experience including Product Management and Business Development.

Mr Tony Goldin MBA


PhD in physics with experience in the industry as well as multinational collaborative research, has published 19 peer reviewed articles

Dr Hen Alpern

Senior physicist

BSc in computer science – Technion, pursuing an MSc specializing in deep learning research. Employed at Intel for 3 years as a Software engineer.

Alex Sivak

algorithm developer

Prof. Yelin is the inventor of the technology. He has vast experience in med. devices/optics and published 60+ papers.

Prof Dvir Yelin

IP & Scientist

Dr Michal Yaffe Ornstein is a senior doctor at Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), and Principal Investigator;  Michal trained in Pediatrics at Meir Medical Center after earning her M.D. at the university of Bologna. She completed her fellowship training in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Sourasky, and has an MBA in Healthcare Innovation.

Dr Michal Ornstein MD MBA

VP Medical

Business & Clinical support in addition to pre-clinical study site

Seed investor together with the Israeli Innovation Authority

Pre-seed investment with business acceleration

Birthplace of LiteBC’s Deep Spectral Vision Technology

Pre-seed and seed investors with Entrée Capital

Pre-clinical study site

Clinical partner

Pre-clinical trial site

About us

LiteBC was founded by Dr Or Peleg and Mr Barry Loevsky with the desire to utilize novel technology to the benefit of the healthcare industry. Or and Barry partnered with Prof Dvir Yelin of the Bio-medical Engineering department at the Technion Institute of technology to develop the company’s proprietary patented Deep Spectral Vision (DSV) technology.

LiteBC has assembled a team of highly motivated professionals with expertise in hardware, software, algorithm, business, product and clinical affairs. We are dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare globally and contributing to a sustainable future.

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